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Texas Mom Outraged Over Daughter’s Paddling by Male Vice Principal

“Liar, liar, pants on fire,” is how the saying goes, but teens accused of cheating at one Texas high school may find themselves with inflamed tushes, for real. One sophomore accused of cheating wound up with a behind that looked like it had been “burned and blistered,” according to her mom, after the school’s male vice principal paddled her.

A male vice principal doled out Taylor’s punishment, in violation of the Springtown Independent School District policy, which states, “Corporal punishment shall be administered only by an employee who is the same sex as the student.”

Her mother agreed with the paddling, initially. Taylor Santos was suspected of letting another student copy her work. She got to choose her punishment – suspension or paddling. Not wanting to miss school, she opted for the paddling. But as WFAA-TV reports, her mom’s agreement quickly turned to outrage after she saw the state of her daughter’s rear and found out who’d administered the punishment.

“I don’t believe a man intentionally meant to do that to her,” Taylor’s mom, Anna Jorgensen, told WFAA. “But it still happens, because men are too big and strong to be hitting 96-pound girls.”

TODAY Moms called Springtown High School, where a receptionist referred calls to the school district. A district representative said the superintendent would be unable to comment until tomorrow. The district school board will be meeting tonight to discuss a possible revision to the board’s policy on student discipline, including the “same sex paddling” rule.

Taylor isn’t the only girl who claims this male vice principal paddled her. WFAA-TV reports that Jada Watts, another student at Springtown High, outside of Ft. Worth, recently found herself on the receiving end of a paddling that left marks…

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