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New Clip From 'Seven Psychopaths' Describes Chaos

There’s more than one reason to be excited for the upcoming crime comedy Seven Psychopaths. In fact, we’re sure there’s more than seven.

Just one happens to be the new clip released today showcasing Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell all hilariously debating over the amount of blood and puke on Marty, the leading role played by Farrell.

Seven Psychopaths is director Martin McDonagh‘s follow up to 2008’s sensational In Bruges, a European crime comedy that earned an Oscar nomination for Best Writing and Original Screenplay. McDonagh already had earned his Oscar in 2006 for Best Short Film with Six Shooter.

It’s somewhat difficult to see McDonagh’s writing shine through in the minute-long clip, but the potentially comic interactions between Walken, Rockwell and Farrell all hint at a feature’s worth of quips, deadpans, and off putting hilarity. In addition to the trio, the likes of Woody Harrelson and even Tom Waits also make appearances.

The film’s synopsis follows a struggling screenwriter in Los Angeles that unintentionally becomes involved with the criminal underworld after his unusual friends manage to kidnap a mob boss’s beloved Shih Tzu.  Subtle doesn’t really describe the dog tag it wears that cutely displays the inscription “Return to Charles Costello Or You Will Die.”

Seven Psychopaths has been releasing material left and right in an effort to publicize its release on October 12. In the meantime, check around the net for more clips and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

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