Tameka Raymond Snags Three-Part Interview To Talk Usher, Custody, Cheating

Tameka Raymond is determined to have her say, and Entertainment Tonight will get the exclusive. Shortly after the traumatic passing of her son Kile, loosing the custody hearing of her two young boys with Usher Raymond and Usher’s recent publicity tour, Tameka is ready to share her side of the story.

Usher’s Oprah interview revealed he indeed carried on an extramarital affair with one of Tameka’s bridesmaids, though it allegedly occurred during the couples separation. Tameka responded, “It was very disappointing, but I had suspected it for some time. I hate to say it, but I almost empathize with her…she fell into a trap.”

Interesting…there is little empathy for ex-husband Usher Raymond however, Tameka plans to appeal the court’s custody ruling and has every intent to publicize her account of their tumultuous marriage. A woman scorned has much to tell Nancy O’Dell, so much so it will be a three-part interview.

Many fans are growing irritated with the public slander and bitter battle of the Raymond’s throughout the media over their children. Serious Usher supporters have little tolerance for Tameka’s account, nor sympathy for her loss in the custody battle.

In all fairness, if Usher was granted talk time on Oprah’s “Next Chapter” shouldn’t Tameka do the same? Remember, there are three sides to every story, each account and the truth. The three-part interview is scheduled to air beginning Tuesday September 25th. Will you be tuning in for Tameka’s account?

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