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Diddy And Cassie Publicly Profess Their Love, Finally

Sean Combs better known as Diddy along with his longtime rumored girlfriend Cassie made clear that their speculated relationship of many years has validation in reality. That’s right, the two are an item. Well, they claimed photographs on Instagram of one another. That’s a step, right? Diddy posted a candid photo of his muse Cassie with the caption, “I’m a very lucky man. #Knowthat.” while Cassie snapped a candid of Diddy with the capture “LOVE. HIM.” Awwww, if a couple can’t blatantly confess or claim each other in public, IG is the next best thing, right?

Women in top secret relationships everywhere gave a collective cheer when Cassie came out of the proverbial closet with the hip hop mogul. The act of loving someone in private as opposed to making the relationship public, otherwise known as “secret lovers” or “down low” relationships, tends to be the limbo state for some couples when one or both has something to lose if ousted. While exciting in the beginning stages, very rarely does keeping a relationship hidden prove to be healthy or lasting. Often someone’s feelings are hurt when the reality weighs that an element of their devotion is not considered worthy of recognition. Stings a bit.

Clearly in the case of Cassie and Diddy there was open and frequent communication -no blogs reported that either party was unaware of their “arrangement”. Cassie was provided for materially (um, that single/album did not bankroll her affluent lifestyle), and both parties made their intentions clear (an incentive in-place to remain quiet). Speculated points, but an underlying theme holds true.

Certain compromises must be made in any relationship, but consider that more compromises than normal are made when concealing the identity of a lover. How long of a period, if any, is acceptable to remain hidden from others? What is the driving motivation for keeping the relationship off the record? Consider the sacrifice when choosing to be a secret lover…or relegate your affection to Instagram like Cassie and Diddy.

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