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Ozzie Guillen’s Job Could Be In Jeopardy With Marlins

Ozzie Guillen, who has put himself in precarious positions with his mouth, might have yapped his way out of his job as the Miami Marlins’ manager.

According to the Palm Beach Post, owner Jeffrey Loria is angry at  Guillen for comments Guillen made that were critical of Loria, according to a person who has spoken with Marlins officials.

However, Guillen’s exact sentiments that have irked Loria are not clear. But, according to the newspapaer, Loria didn’t like being, in the source’s words, “called out” by Guillen.

It could be Guillen’s rant on Friday in New Yorkthat : “If Jeffrey doesn’t think I’m doing the job I should do. . .  It’s not the first time he’s fired a manager,” Guillen said. “Look yourself in the mirror and ask why so many (bleeping) managers come through here.”

Last weekend, Guillen told reporters in Miami: “When you are in last place you need a better manager, better general manager, better owner, a better everything when you are a last-place team because we all failed.”

Guillen also said that day: “Whoever works for the Marlins and denies that he should be fired is full of (expletive). My coaches, myself, the front office, my players, we’re all involved in this thing. We all failed. And we’ve got to be better. Hopefully we learn by the mistakes we made and we move on.

“I can see good things happen soon. How soon is it going to be. The players will dictate how soon it’s going to be. Everybody in this ball club should look at themselves in the mirror.”

Baseball operations president Larry Beinfest’s job seems safe, but Guillen’s position is not so secure, which has been reported by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Miami Herald and

On Thursday, USA Today reported that Beinfest would be fired and that Guillen appeared to be safe.

Now, it appears the other way around . The source put the likelihood of Guillen not being back at “75-25,” based on his conversations with Marlins officials.

The Marlins have had six different managers since Loria took control of the team in 2002.

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