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Lindsay Lohan to Sue Cook for Claiming She Was Driving Drunk

Lindsay Lohan is heading back to court again but this time, she’s on the other side of the courtroom. Lohan is suing Jose Rodriguez, a cook, for defamation after he claimed that she was drunk when she allegedly swiped him with her Porsche last week. According to TMZ, Rodriguez claimed the actress had slurred speech and “smelled like alcohol real bad” during the incident. However, accounts from witnesses and police officers tell a different story. There was no breath test administered at the scene and the police determined alcohol was not a factor in this accident.

According to the New York Daily News, there are other holes in Rodriguez’s story. Rodriguez claimed the “Mean Girls” actress sped towards him right before he was struck with the car and the impact of the car knocked him off his feet and left him in a lot of pain. However, a security camera at the scene shows a different scenario. In the video, it’s not even clear if the car touched Rodriguez and, if it did, the impact did not make him fall. In fact, he sprinted after Lohan’s car after he was hit. The video also showed that Rodriguez appeared to recognize Lohan after she emerged from her Porsche Cayenne—apparently unaware that she may have hit somebody—which could explain his sudden interest in claiming injury.

Steve Honig, Lohan’s rep, is confident about the case against Rodriguez. “We are confident this matter will be cleared up in the coming weeks and the claims being made against Lindsay will be proven untrue,” he said in a statement. According to the TMZ report, she is pursuing this suit because she is afraid her career will be affected if people think she has relapsed and started abusing drugs and alcohol again. “I’m tired of people lying just to score a quick paycheck,” Lohan allegedly said to her friends.


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