Jimmy Kimmel, Tracy Morgan Pull Twitter Prank during Emmys

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel used social media and fellow comedian Tracy Morgan to pull a “prank” last night during the Emmy telecast.

Kimmel and Morgan demonstrated that if you get two comedians together on stage you never know what’s going to happen.

It was Kimmel’s first time hosting the Emmy Awards and he promised that he was going to pull an epic prank. So in the midst of the show he asked the people viewing at home to help him pull it off and attract additional viewers at the same time.

He brought the unpredictable Morgan up on stage and told viewers to tweet: “Tracy Morgan just passed out on stage the Emmys. Turn ABC on now.”

He then told Morgan to lie down on the stage. Morgan complied.

“Just lie there for about 10 minutes or so. And when people tune in they will see this on the stage,” Kimmel said.

Ten minutes later, Morgan was still there.

As they returned from a commercial break, Kimmel announced that Morgan was just fine. It was “just exhaustion.”

According to CBS, a Twitter search revealed thousands of tweets involving Kimmel’s prank, so apparently it worked.

We hope this doesn’t signal a start of a new trend to use Twitter and lies to attract more viewers.

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