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Jessica Simpson Hurt By Post Pregnancy Weight Comments

Jessica Simpson couldn’t help but feel hurt by the post pregnancy weight comments that began swirling around in the media after she gained 80 pounds prior to giving birth.

The Fashion Star judge has always had an upbeat personality, but even her fun spirit couldn’t last through some of the hurtful comments that people were making about her weight.

Simpson gained all the weight while she was pregnant with her first child, but was surprised when the extra weight didn’t go away after giving birth.

“For years, Jessica has been OK with her body and everyone loved her for that,” one source explained. “But now she’s not feeling the love and she doesn’t like it.”

You would never guess that the goofy pop singer felt insecure about her body the way she is always willing to make jokes about it herself or remains relatively bubbly and happy in the public eye.

“She’s trying to conceal her hurt feelings with humor right now,” the source added. “She uses jokes and goofiness to hide the fact that she’s really sensitive.”

Simpson may have gained 80 pounds during pregnancy, but after signing to be a spokesperson for WeightWatchers for a whopping $4 million, she has since dropped half of that weight.

Even after all her weight loss, the media still ridiculed her for not losing it sooner and still had negative things to say about the way her body looked even after dropping the pounds.

“The past few weeks were really difficult because the pressure was enormous,” the source later told InTouch Magazine. “She knew everyone would be judging her. She was proud of her progress so to face all these cruel taunts now, it stings.”

The media may still have something to say about the 32-year-old pop singer, but her fiancé made it clear that he still found her to be quite beautiful.

Eric Johnson took his soon-to-be wife out on a romantic date to the Fig & Olive restaurant where Jessica gladly showed off her progress.

The couple’s daughter, Maxwell, stayed home for the evening while Mommy stepped out in a beige dress that was embellished with rows of brown, beige, and white beads.

The dress shows off the fashion designer’s legs, but doesn’t do much to show off her body which is now 40 pounds lighter than it was immediately after pregnancy.

Perhaps the hurtful comments still have the “Irresistible” singer hiding behind bulky clothes, despite the fact that she is only ten pounds away from her target weight loss goal.

Still remembering her great fashion sense, however, she paired the oversized dress with a metallic clutch, nude heels, and some very large hoop earrings.

Her fiancé, on the other hand, let his girl steal the show as he opted for a simple pair of cargo shorts and a plaid shirt.

If Jessica keeps up her weight loss regime, she may be back in her amazingly toned knock out pre-pregnancy body sooner than even she expected. That should shut the media up.

Jessica Simpson, Eric Johnson, Baby Maxwell


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