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Titans’ Chris Johnson Blames O-Line For His Woes

Chris Johnson, once a premier running back in the NFL, tried to say his troubles rushing the ball so far this season were a team thing, but could not resist pointing blame at everyone other than himself.

Johnson, who has a grand total of 21 yards on 19 carries this season, said his comments about needing better execution after a Sunday drubbing in San Diego were about “us as a whole offensive group.”

But in follow-up questions, he periodically separated himself from the group.

Asked if creases have been there, he said: “I wouldn’t say they’ve been there. But we’re working, trying to get better.”

Asked if a share of the blame falls on him, he said: “I wouldn’t sit here and say I’m to blame. I wouldn’t think so, but I’m not the guy to sit here and be the guy that points fingers and things like that. It’s just a situation where I’m going to be only as good as my line’s going to be. So we’ve got to work together and get better together.”

Asked about what he sees on film, he said: “I don’t think I’ve missed no big plays or anything like that.”

He said he’s not hesitant at hitting holes or making cuts, claims levied at him by some.

“If you look at the tape, it’s not true,” he said. “I’m the highest paid guy (on) this team, so of course I get the criticism. But it’s something I don’t let get me down. It’s a situation where we’ve all just got to get better as a team.

“We’re all working hard together. I’m not saying the offensive line is bad, they’re not saying I’m bad. We’re just working together trying to make it better. Because once we turn it over, and we get the praise, we’re going to take the praise together as a whole team, not just the individual.”

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