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Kathy Griffin No Makeup Strikes A Chord With Fans

Kathy Griffin no makeup photos has sparked an expected debate amongst her followers. The no makeup photos show the comedian out for a stroll in Los Angeles’ popular Runyon Canyon on Wednesday with her boyfriend Randy Bick.

The comedian who’s best known for starting and further escalating beefs with celebrities and politicians alike must have known that her makeup free photo would spark some conversation.

While many of the comments were negative some followers were sensible enough to note that Kathy is merely another example that proves celebrities are not what they seem on the glossy covers of a magazine or even on film for that matter.

“In the superficial shallow culture we’ve become, where so many people have bought into the idea that the people on the covers of glossy fashion/entertainment magazines are a realistic portrayal of what people actually look like when they wake up or are exercising, a culture that likes to tell themselves that outer beauty = inner beauty/good person, im hardly surprised by so many of the comments in this thread. Given that the truth of the matter is that what is essential in measuring the worth of someone is most often invisible to the eye im glad I can see underneath the makeup and plastic surgery and know what real beauty is.”

While Kathy has openly admitted to having plastic surgery she confirm in June that she’s taken a break.  “I SWEAR I haven’t had anything in YEARS! Promise.No Botox, fillers NUTHIN!”

Besides it good to see she’s enjoying life with her beau and getting some exercise..without a full dose of makeup! No about those shorts! JK 🙂

Kathy Griffin No Makeup

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0 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin No Makeup Strikes A Chord With Fans

  1. Bob Burrow says:

    Kathy Griffin? Bow Wow.. what a dog.. she looks like she has a gray mustache or she drank a cup of milk. She must wear a ton of make up when she is on TV. She looks as old as a red wood tree in that picture. That dude must be gettin paid really good to be dragging that hag around. Its probably why he chose the woods to let her out of the car. When she does her business she can get back in the car, as long as she keeps her muddy feet on that blanket. That dude must really be horny.. I couldn't drink enough to "go back to her place". What surprises me is that she is with a man. She talks like men with women is some perverted idea that Republicans came up with. Bow Wow. That is a car chasing, hole digging, fence jumping dog. (not to insult anybody's dog) Just saying.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hope I look that good at 51! Oh, you mean everyone in So. Cal doesn't roll out of bed on the weekend ready for the Emmys? No, say it ain't so. She's rockin' a bit of a Kate Blanchet, Elizabeth I look, in my opinion. Credit to Retinol, good hair people, or whatever she's got working for her, but her skin looks wrinkle-free and flawless to me. More like 32, not 51. Go Kathy. Screw the haters.

  3. Don Copeland says:

    Thats what 9 different plastic surgerys can get you

  4. Patricia Prokop-Mann says:

    She looks like carrot top.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me, Bob, and who are you to insult ANYONE? What is going on with your pathetic life that you find the need to insult an entertainer. JUST SAYING? I'm not JUST saying you're a mentally-challenged bumpkin. I'm certain you are. And you need to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and wonder why you don't take out your shotgun and turn it on yourself. Good riddance, BOB.

  6. Anonymous says:

    And you're too embarrassed by your own looks to use your own mug on your profile. Your face must look worse than the dog's. She's an entertainer. What are you doing with your life?

  7. Bob Burrow says:

    Well hello Terry Lee… Nice to meet you too. Who am I to insult anyone?… Lets see. I am a guy on facebook that has a right to express my insults just like you do. I have heard Kathy Bow Wow Griffin insult and disrespect normal people's marriage. She insults Straight people every time that I have seen her open her mouth. She attempts to normalize the way queers live at the expense of normal people. That is what I have against her. If somebody makes fun of Lesbians or queers they are attacked by would be faggots so as not to anger them and lose money, business etc. You saw that recently when the media asked the owner of Chic-Filet what he thought about gay marriage and he said he thought marriage should be between a man and a woman. THOUGHT… THAT IS WHAT HE THOUGHT !! We have a right to think what we like no matter what other folks think about it. You for example say that I am " a mentally-challenged bumpkin. I'm certain you are" Well that is a matter of opinion. I have a question for you. What do you care what I think about some old washed up, "D List", second rate comic? She makes fun of people all the time … do you write to her? The difference between myself and Kathy what's her face is she pretends to like queers so they will come to see her perform.

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