Kathy Griffin No Makeup Strikes A Chord With Fans

Kathy Griffin no makeup photos has sparked an expected debate amongst her followers. The no makeup photos show the comedian out for a stroll in Los Angeles’ popular Runyon Canyon on Wednesday with her boyfriend Randy Bick.

The comedian who’s best known for starting and further escalating beefs with celebrities and politicians alike must have known that her makeup free photo would spark some conversation.

While many of the comments were negative some followers were sensible enough to note that Kathy is merely another example that proves celebrities are not what they seem on the glossy covers of a magazine or even on film for that matter.

“In the superficial shallow culture we’ve become, where so many people have bought into the idea that the people on the covers of glossy fashion/entertainment magazines are a realistic portrayal of what people actually look like when they wake up or are exercising, a culture that likes to tell themselves that outer beauty = inner beauty/good person, im hardly surprised by so many of the comments in this thread. Given that the truth of the matter is that what is essential in measuring the worth of someone is most often invisible to the eye im glad I can see underneath the makeup and plastic surgery and know what real beauty is.”

While Kathy has openly admitted to having plastic surgery she confirm in June that she’s taken a break.  “I SWEAR I haven’t had anything in YEARS! Promise.No Botox, fillers NUTHIN!”

Besides it good to see she’s enjoying life with her beau and getting some exercise..without a full dose of makeup! No about those shorts! JK 🙂

Kathy Griffin No Makeup
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