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D.L. Hughley Criticizes Lupe Fiasco for Views on Voting

After announcing that he was quitting rap over a beef between himself and rapper Chief Keef, Lupe Fiasco has managed to get on someone else’s bad side.  Comedian D.L. Hughley called the rapper out for his views on voting during a radio show interview last Friday.

According to Hughley, Fiasco’s youth is influencing his decision. “They want to raise the age of social security from 65 to 68… Black men die at 67,” Hughley said during an interview with Hot 93.7 in Connecticut. “Lupe Fiasco forgets that he’s going to be an old man when he’s looking for a social security check, and he dies right before he gets it.”

Last year, Fiasco famously said he did not vote and referred to President Obama as a terrorist. “I don’t get involved in politics. It’s meaningless,” he said to CBS last year. “If I’m going to say I stand behind this person and write on a piece of paper that says, ‘Yeah, I stand for this person,’ then I have to take responsibility for everything he does cause that’s just who I am as a human being. So politicians aren’t going to do that because I don’t want you to bomb some village in the middle of nowhere.”

Hughley seems to believe the opposite. “Young black men are going to listen to him, and they are the ones who have decisions made for them, decisions that they are not even involved in, which is silly to me,” he continued. “There are more black men in prison then there were ever slaves. And it’s silly to me that people don’t want to have a hand in their future.”

Fiasco isn’t one to run into a conflict but he took to his Twitter page to respond to Hughley’s criticism. “Better yet @RealDlHughley you put up 50k and I’ll put up 50k and let’s flesh out some programs for rural & inner city youths our damn selves,” he wrote. “When you ready to drop that bread for these babies out here @RealDlHughley holla at me…til then #LeeMeAlone.”

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