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Reese Witherspoon Out With Family; Kourtney Kardashian Gives Birth On TV

UPDATE-Kourtney Kardashian sure knows how to ring in a finale plus pregnant actress Reese Witherspoon dines out with her family.

A heavily pregnant Reese showed off her baby bump in a body-hugging black dress as she enjoyed dinner with her family, husband Jim Toth and her two children with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, 13-year old Ava and 8-year old Deacon.

The family were seen entering a popular Venice eatery Gjelina on Saturday. Reese who said recently that her pregnancy wasn’t easy is expected to give birth in the coming weeks.

“It’s not easy,” she says. “I’m always feeling like I’d like to eat everything in sight!”

Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian and millions of viewers had a chance to relive the reality TV star give birth to her daughter Penelope Scotland Disick. “Wow! Crazy to watch this! Magical,” Kourtney tweeted during the Sunday night finale of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

In case you missed the finale, the eldest Kardashian was joined by her entire family including beau Scott, Khloe, Kim, mom, brother and even Kanye to witness the beautiful moment. The it moment arrived when Kourtney reached down and pulled out Penelope with her own hands! The baby girl weighed in at 7 pounds and 14 ounces.

“It’s such a magical feeling to say hello to my baby girl,” Kourtney said while cradling her new baby girl.

Viewers shouldn’t be too worried about Kourt pulling Penelope out because as Khloe said, “Kourtney just loves to pull out her own children.” Yep, Mason had the same privilege!

Millions of viewers are now torn over the Kardashian’s decision to share her birth with the world and her decision to aide in the birth of her daughter.

Grayblueeyes said,

“Okay, my question is this (on the same idea as Boo27): what if the baby is tangled in the umbilical cord and she breaks the baby’s leg (for instance)? I am sorry, but anyone that did this could do more damage that good simply becuase they literally cannot see what they are doing. Maybe help guide the baby and allow your body and the doctor to do the rest? Sorry, but that is a big fail in my book”

Lana contrasted with,

“I thought it was really sweet. I had no idea that they would even allow you to do that in a hospital. I’ll definitely keep that in mind for when I have children.”

What’s your take on Kourtney’s decision?

Kourtney and Penelope


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