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'Frankenweenie' Clip Brings Back the Dead

A clip for the new Tim Burton film Frankenweenie has finally surfaced online, courtesy of Yahoo!News.

The clip showcases Burton’s trademark style of animation, which seems to be a hybrid of The Nightmare Before Christmas‘s claymation and modern day CGI. The Frankenweenie clip below shows Victor, the film’s Frankenstein-esque protagonist, attempting to bring his canine companion Sparky back from the dead.

This also follows the Frankenweenie storyline. Soon, Victor is put to work by the rest of his peers in reanimating their beloved lost pets. The entire town is entually overrun by reanimated animals, some friendlier than others.

Frankenweenie will be Tim Burton‘s second effort this year, following the release of the underwhelming Dark Shadows. It will showcase the vocal talents of Winona Ryder, Christopher Lee, Martin Landau and newcomer Charlie Tahan. Neurotic funnyman Martin Short is also slated to voice five different characters.

The clip comes just in time to generate a bit of buzz before Frankenweenie‘s release on October 5. While you’re waiting, take a look at the new clip and, as always,┬átell us what you think!

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