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Sam Cassell’s Son Denied College Eligibility by NCAA

Sam Cassell Jr. – son of three-time NBA champion Sam Cassell – lost his last-ditch appeal to play college basketball this season — and his father is not happy about it or the NCAA.

Cassell, an assistant with the Washington Wizards, called college’s governing body the “neighborhood bullies” and that a legal battle would be a pointless endeavor.

“They do whatever they want,” Sam Cassell said. “It doesn’t even do any good to fight it.”

High school basketball stars Myles Davis and Cassell Jr. were denied eligibility because of questionable classes they took at Notre Dame Prep school.

“The NCAA just wants kids to fail,” he added. “It’s not these kids’ fault. The NCAA can’t penalize Notre Dame Prep, so they are squashing the kids dreams.”

Cassell said his son didn’t have six courses validated from the Massachusetts prep school that were taken two years ago. The identical courses were also attended by eight other basketball players — each of whom were cleared to play Division 1 college basketball last season.

Cassell, who didn’t qualify out of high school back in the late 1980s and went to junior college for two years, said his son is crushed that he can’t attend Maryland. He was on campus for summer school, took two classes and earned a 2.5 GPA.

“He had his heart set on it,” Cassell said. “He’s really hurt.”

Now Cassell will look into other options. There’s a chance he could go to an SEC school and sit out this season — or head to another school and sit out as a non-qualifier.

“I’m not sure what he’s going to do yet,” Cassell said. “He’s going to make his own decision and I’m just here to support and guide him.”

“But what the NCAA has done isn’t right. What they do to kids isn’t right.”

The NCAA has not commented on the case.

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2 thoughts on “Sam Cassell’s Son Denied College Eligibility by NCAA

  1. Anonymous says:

    Too bad Sam. Don't get the grades? You usually don't go to a school of your choice even if you are a privileged student athlete high school star. Sounds like your kid should have taken school more seriously. A 2.5 gpa in summer school are you kidding? And he wants to go to Maryland? He obviously does not have the skills or determination to make it through a top academic program and would end up being miserable trying to compete with kids that have it together academically. A 2.5 in summer school? What a joke! mMy fourteen year old daughter could do better than that and I bet he is taking weaving and pottery. I say good job NCAA. Make the kid go to community college and grow up and stop having his famous daddie go to bat for the spoiled brat. It is so Craig James it makes me sick. Spoil your brat some more man…

  2. J.w. Tucker says:

    Just because I can't read or write doesn't mean I can't play basketball…..

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