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Ninja Conduct Code Enforcers To Hit London Theaters…

Have you ever paid for your movie ticket, made your way into the theater, and settled into your seat to enjoy a movie, only to have someone’s cell phone ring or someone in the seat in front of you begin texting as the movie begins? Of course you have! For some reason, some people have taken to ignore the unspoken code of conduct for theaters and despite all the reminders that pop on screen to remind people, there are always going to be many violators.

Out in London, a cinema has come up with a plan to address the problem. The Prince Charles Cinema have enlisted a team of volunteers, dressed in black Morphsuits, to patrol around theaters unseen. In the case of when someone violates the code, they will pop out of the darkness to confront offender.

As reported by Digital Spy, the idea came from Gregor Lawson, the founder of Morphsuits, who then approached the theater with the plan.

“I’m a big fan of going to the cinema, but there’s an unspoken code of conduct when you’re watching a movie that some people just don’t understand. Then when some fans were discussing being ninjas in their Morphsuits on our Facebook page I had a eureka moment. I thought I’d find a cinema and see if we could bring a light hearted taskforce to the aid of movie fans.”

As a testament to its effectiveness, SlashFilm has a quote from one unsuspecting culprit.

“I normally hate noisy people in cinemas, but I got a call from my friend just as the movie started and thought I could get away with taking it. The last thing I expected was two completely blacked-out people suddenly appearing by our seats and give me and my mates a warning to shut up. It was actually pretty terrifying at first, but then I realised it was a bit of a laugh and a great way to make it clear what I was doing was having an impact on those around me. It certainly made me hang up and shut up for the rest of the film.”

So, if you have some free time and want to be a theater conduct enforcer dressed in a tight ninja suit, this might be the job for you. But keep in mind, everybody will love you, but no one will know who you are.

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