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Channing Tatum Reveals 'Magic Mike 2' Details…

Channing Tatum swings for another surprise hit when he drops the veil off Magic Mike 2.

Tatum eagerly revealed plans to do a sequel via twitter saying, “Yes, yes and yes! We’re working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger.” In an interview with Filmstarts, Tatum reinforced the possibility for a sequel, mentioning that hopes for Magic Mike 2 are still high.

Apparently, plans for the Broadway version of Magic Mike 2 is also brewing but Tatum stressed that he wanted to make the sequel first. When the question of who would direct it came up, since original director Steven Soderbergh is about to withdraw from the business, Tatum quickly volunteered himself, co-writer Reid Carolin, and Gregory Jacobs.

The sequel appears to be inevitable, but what about the plot? Carolin hinted to taking Magic Mike 2 out of just one club, and instead, taking the show on the road. “It would be a broad road trip comedy,” Carolin stated.

There’s talk that Magic Mike 2 will be a prequel, since Tatum’s title character walks away at the end of the film. Co-star Joe Manganiello told that, “Because if you do the sequel, then you loose Mike. Otherwise, what’s Mike going to do? He’s going to come back for one big heist…so, you would do the Prequel—how they got there.”

Magic Mike became hugely popular this summer earning $154 million with a $7 million dollar price tag, making the film very profitable.

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