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The 13 Best Foods for Boosting Brain Function

These days we all have a lot on our minds, so wouldn’t it be great if we could take something to give our brains a boost. Mother Nature thought of that and has made provision for us in many common foods. Now, while they probably won’t give us the massive supercharge of focus like the clear pills that Bradley Cooper popped in the movie, Limitless, but a little help here and there is still help. Here are the 13 best foods for boosting brain function.


People who ate a small handful every day improved their working memory by 19 percent, according to a Spanish study. Polyphenols in walnuts are thought to reduce improve communication between neurons.


A recent British study found that 20 to 30 milligrams of caffeine can boost brainpower—that’s less than a cup of coffee.


They’re packed with omega-3s—and people with the lowest levels of omega-3 fatty acid in their blood cells had smaller brains compared to those with high levels, according to a recent study in Neurology.


Filled with magnesium, these greens can help dilate blood vessels, boosting blood flow throughout the body and brain, according to Japanese researchers.

Olive Oil

Fatty acids and polyphenols help to reduce inflammation in your joints and cells.


They may be small, but they’re big in terms of protein and fiber. Add them to yogurt or cereal to give your brain a boost.
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