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Glam Report TV Debuts to Cover Nigeria’s Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle Scenes

Nigerian fashion stylist, Glam Report TV host, Bola Balogun

Bola Balogun is a fashion consultant, effervescent stylist and steers the affairs of Glam Networks which just debuted Glam Report TV, a fashion show on television. She talks about all of this in an interview with Kemi Lawal

Q: What is Glam Report TV all about?

A: It is a television show about fashion, beauty and lifestyle in Nigeria with local practitioners gaining tremendous visibility across various international platforms. Viewers stand to benefit a lot from watching.

Q: Why did you decide to do it?

A: I decided to toe this path because for the last seven years, I have worked behind the scene and I know the passion, the zeal that goes on behind the scene. I know all about the energy and hard work that go on there. I just thought that it was time to bring this people who work behind the scene into the forefront. I need Nigerians to understand what it is to work behind the scene. I mean you see pictures of models on magazines, you see models on the runway looking all glamorous but not many people understand that a lot of work must have gone into putting together their overall look.

Q: What is the attraction to fashion for you?

A: Growing up I had always wanted to be a psychologist. One day, I was watching a television show and I saw a woman who had a passion for her job and she happened to be a stylist and that was when I realised…

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