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Gabrielle Union Talks Coming To Love Her Darker Complexion

Gabrielle Union has never failed to look absolutely flawless on any camera whether it’s for the big screen or a magazine cover, and she kept up the trend as she graced the cover of Ebony Magazine for the October 2012 issue.

Despite the fact that many women want to look like the gorgeous actress and many men would love to have her, Union revealed that at one point she battled with self-esteem just like any other person does.

The 40-year-old confessed that when she was younger, she wasn’t in love with her darker skin complexion, but as she writes some encouraging words to her younger self it’s clear to see that all that has changed.

“Your deep Mahogany skin may not resemble that of the others in your family, but it’s just as gorgeous and you’re just as worthy,” the stunning “Think Like a Man” actress wrote. “One day you’ll appreciate how much your brown skin shines in the moonlight, glistens in the sun, and ages ever so slowly.”

As a woman who seems to have finally conquered her personal battles with low self-esteem she even had some words of wisdom for other women who haven’t quite overcome their own self-esteem issues.

“Don’t let that pesky low self-esteem creep in and fool you into believing that you don’t have value… don’t allow it to crush your will or dampen your spirit… Never worry about LOVE … real love will find you … an incredible love with an incredible man … there is a beautiful rainbow at the end of your storm,” Union shared.

The issue of Ebony with the Mahogany beauty on the cover will be in stands September 10, but in the mean time Union has even more news to get excited about.

Her new show on BET, “Being Mary Jane,” has just been confirmed to be the Opening Night film for the 16th Annual Urbanworld Film Festival.

Opening night for the festival will take place on Thursday, September 20.


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