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Jam Master Jay’s Sons Join Run DMC Onstage in Touching Reunion

The reunion of Run D.M.C. at Jay-Z’s first annual Budweiser Made in America festival helped to orchestrate one of the most memorable moments in recent hip-hop history.

The performance marked the first time Run and D.M.C have performed together since before Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell was murdered back in 2002.

As the legendary duo burst into their set of hip-hop classics, the crowd was given a very special treat. In tribute to their fallen group member Run and D invited his sons, Jason “Jam Master J’Son” Mizell Jr. (pictured above) and T.J. “Dasmatic” Mizell, to hit the stage and DJ their set.

Rolling Stone magazine caught up with the two just before they went on stage to discuss their father’s place in rap history as well as performing with the group his father helped make legendary.

The two beamed when asked about the influence their father’s group had on the rap game even after so much time has passed. “Look at 2Chainz,” said Jason. “If you look at him, he always rocks the Stetson. He comes out looking like Run DMC every time… It’s amazing. A lot of our favorite rappers would without a doubt say, ‘When I was a kid I used to listen to Run DMC.’ It’s just undeniable.”

Younger brother T.J. admits that as the two got older it became easier to see their father’s impact on hip-hop culture.

“But as you get older it’s like, wow, my dad was a legend,” said T.J. “My dad impacted this many people, this whole genre of music, this whole fashion, like, people are now rocking Adidas with no laces and big chains and gazelles and fedora hats, and it’s like, wow, our father started that whole trend.”

The two seem prepared to help add to that legacy, jumping at the opportunity to perform with the rap gods.

“We got a phone call from Run and D and their manager [saying] ’It’s time,’ said Jason. “We’ve both been DJing parties and shows everywhere and they gave us a call, like, ‘You ready? You’re up to bat now.’ And I’m going for a home run. Grand slam. It’s going to be epic.”

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