Iman Launches Online Magazine

Former supermodel Iman continues to grow her empire which already includes the hugely successful Iman cosmetic to adding an online magazine, Destination Iman.

Destination Iman will feature will feature original content ranging from style and beauty tips from the industry’s most revered designers to highlights from the latest collections.

In the first issue online now features celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe giving her style tips and lists her Paris recommendations and essential flight must-haves. Iman also has secured syndication of her Ageless Chic column with online media behemoth Huffington Post.

The site will also feature a column written by Iman entitled “Ageless Chic,” where she will provide readers with tips on staying effortlessly elegant. Be sure to check out Destination Iman!

In one of her post Iman talks about her desires to see the return of pants. “I like and appreciate my legs, but given a choice between featuring my gams and another option, well, let’s just say I’d like to see what’s behind door number 2. So I’m giddy with glee that pants are back in a mega way. I’m mad about the pantaloons. If I had poetic inclinations, I’d pen a succession of odes about the perfect tuxedo trousers.”

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