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Jay-Z and Beyonce, Vanity Fair’s 8th Most Powerful Entity in America

In yet another testament to the growing power and influence of music’s First Couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce, the dynamic duo were chosen as the eighth most powerful entity in America in Vanity Fair’s “The Powers That Be” special section—a list that includes such business titans as New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch and Disney chair Bob Iger.

How did this team make it so high on such an illustrious list? It’s all about the money, power and respect, to quote an old rap song. With a combined net worth of almost $800 million, the two of them are doing quite lovely in the money department, but they are also making moves in so many other arenas that their influence can’t be denied.

Jay and Bey were ranked just 21st last year, so they leapfrogged over quite a few powerful people to make it into the New Establishment top ten. And they remain the only African Americans in the list of 25 media, business and Hollywood titans.
The Vanity Fair description of the couple said that their “global conquest” includes their stakes in fashion, sports, music and other businesses—not to mention Grammy Awards and Beyonce about to suck up all the media oxygen in the room starring in Clint Eastwood’s “A Star Is Born” opposite Tom Cruise.
Under “brand extension,” the magazine noted that the couple has already trademarked daughter Blue Ivy’s name for a future line of baby products. As a “side gig,” Vanity Fair noted that Jay-Z designed the logo for the Brooklyn Nets, the NBA team of which he is a part owner.
And the coolest item about Jay, 42, and Bey, 31, was under “how they roll”: “Despite multiple nominations, the couple ditched the Grammys this year and instead went out for pizza in Brooklyn.” Now that’s the epitome of the quiet, understated confidence that they both seem to display.
Of course, this isn’t the first time this year that Beyonce was honored by a magazine for her power and influence.
The singer and new mom has earned a spot on the Forbes list of World’s 100 Most Powerful Women, coming in at number 32—primarily for all the work she does offstage for various causes.
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