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Dwyane Wade Getting Workout Signing Books

NBA champion Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat said his knee is ahead of schedule in its recovery from surgery. His right hand, however, might be a concern by the time he finishes his book tour.

Yes, Wade can add “author” to his list of titles. He has packed bookstores in New York with people looking to support the work or get a glimpse of LeBron James’ sidekick as he signs ”A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball.” He is in New York this week, before the tour moves on to other cities,

”Coming off knee surgery, I couldn’t possibly work out every day anyway,” Wade said. ”I have to work my way into things. I just left Los Angeles. I worked out for the whole week I was there. And now I needed a few days off. So when I leave here, I go to Miami and I’ll work out again there. It’s the way we mapped it out. It’s no good for my knee right now to put that much pressure on it.”

His shoulder writing hand is getting whipped into shape at his book events.

Wade signed 575 copies of his book at two events on Tuesday, both of which had people lining up hours before the doors opened. One man told him he flew in from Chinajust to get an autograph, according to Yahoo! Sports. A woman told him she missed her first day of classes at Penn State to make the trip to New York and stand in line to spend a few seconds with him instead.

”Everybody wants to be associated with winners,” Wade said. ”Phones get picked up a lot easier when you’re a champion. I understand some people might want to see my book, some people might want to see me, some people might want to be there because you’re a champion. I see all sides of it. I appreciate it. When someone says ‘Hey, Champ,’ it never gets old.”

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