Beyonce's Mom Praises Her Ability To Remain 'Humble' In B'day Wishes

Beyonce has already celebrated becoming a wife and a mother, and today she celebrates her 31st birthday with the help of some very famous friends.

Bey’s website has been “taken over” by her family and friends in order to show just how much they love the birthday girl. Hand written birthday wishes are scattered all over the homepage of the website, wishing the best for “B” and her family.

Perhaps one of the most endearing messages came from Beyonce’s mother or “Mama Carter” who wrote:

“B, you came into my life a sweet southern girl (lol). You’ve blossomed into an amazing woman. I admire how you remain grounded and humble, and haven’t let success change the person that you are.”

Another one of the notes came from the Paltrow-Martin family who wrote, “For dear sweet BB on the occasion of her 31st birthday… we love you so very much. Love, Gwyneth, Chris, Apple, and Moses.”

Others who took over 31-year old’s website with birthday messages include Michelle Williams, the team from Beyond Productions, and even her hometown pastors from Houston, Texas who took the time to reminisce about when the “Love on Top” singer was still a “shy 13 year old” with a voice that was bigger than she was.

Not everyone agrees that the R&B icon’s 31st birthday marks a world of accomplishments, however. Harry Belafonte still remained relatively unimpressed with Beyonce and Jay-Z’s efforts to reach out to the black community.

“Because they sit at the top of the list, I was asked in particular about Jay-Z and Beyonce,” Belafonte wrote in an editorial piece for the Daily Beast. “I made the point that the absence of high-profile blacks in the political struggle concerning the issues of race, poverty, and the disenfranchisement of the poor is disappointingly evident.”

Belafonte did make it clear that he has nothing against the Carter’s immense success, but he would like to see one of Hollywood’s most powerful couples doing a bit more with their power.

Beyonce responded to the accusations by publishing a list of all her philanthropic efforts, but it seems as if the activist is less concerned with monetary hand outs as he is with sending out an actual message to the black community.

Belafonte added in the editorial, “I have no animus for those who are touched by such heights of fame… but as history has evolved, our individual and collective indifference to the vast suffering of our fellow beings is, for me, unconscionable.”

Happy Birthday Beyonce!!




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