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Six Year-Old Nigerian Boy an Accomplished Photographer

Master Morakinyo Akin-Jimoh is six years old. But he has already carved a niche for himself in the art of photography. He tells SUCCESS NWOGU how he developed his passion.

It is not unusual to see photographers at events, taking pictures either for documentation of the proceedings or for commercial purpose. But the sight of a six-year-old boy, holding a camera and moving from one direction of a conference venue to another, taking pictures of the proceedings, without feeling intimidated by the audience, was not only amazing but fascinating.

At such a tender age, he has acquired a skill, something lacking in most school leavers of all categories in the country.

Welcome to the world of Master Morakinyo Akin-Jimoh, who took to photography right from the age of four.

The young lad provoked curiosity from participants at a capacity building summit of the Education Support Programme in Nigeria for journalists held at Ilorin, Kwara State in August.

Morakinyo, dressed in a blue- striped yellow T-shirt and blue jeans, with sandals to match appeared to be at home with craft. Not wanting to miss out on any action spot during the event, he took over 2,000 pictures of the participants and officials, including his female siblings, Mowanuola (12); Moyosore (10), and his father, Kazeem.

He told our correspondent, “I am not intimidated by the participants. I am here to do my work; so I do not see why I should be afraid of them to perform my duties. Though many of them could be the age of my father or are my big uncles and aunties. I love taking pictures. It is a hobby to me. I have been taking pictures since I was four. I do not know why people should be surprised to see a young boy like me taking pictures.”

Confident Morakinyo, who was born on October 28, 2005, did not see any big deal about his passion, as those within his age group in other developed climes are even doing much more.

He said he watched television and had seen Europeans of his age or even younger involved in certain things…

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