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Bobby Brown Leaves Rehab After Three Weeks

Bobby Brown has left rehab after only three weeks of treatment and his loved ones are not happy about it, according to a source who told Radar Online that Brown felt he didn’t need to complete the program since he reached a plea deal in his DUI case.

“When he first checked in, he promised his family and friends, including his New Edition band mates, that this time he was going to stay in rehab for the full treatment. That’s normally a 90-day program,” said the source. “However, after fulfilling his duties for his DUI plea deal, Bobby has decided that he doesn’t need treatment anymore.”

The source added that Brown’s family is “terrified” that he has stopped treatment and he might start drinking again. “Bobby’s family and friends are terrified, despite his pleas that he’s sober, that he will fall off the wagon once again,” the source added. “They’re not sure if he was ever serious about conquering his demons and have voiced their concerns. It’s difficult to believe someone going into rehab for alcohol addiction for such a short time is genuine about giving up drinking.”

Bobby Brown checked into rehab in early August as part of his original DUI agreement, confirmed by his lawyer. “Mr. Brown takes his agreement very seriously and admitted himself three weeks after concluding his honeymoon in Mexico during a break from the New Edition tour,” his lawyer, Christopher Brown, said in a statement. “Bobby is doing well and receiving services that comply with his agreement with the State of California.”


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