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Study: Red Wine, Chocolates Do NOT Help Reduce Heart Disease

Ladies if you love a good glass of red wine because of its flavor and you believed it was good for you – no more. According to a new study there is no conclusive evidence to connect red wine to heart health.

Despite millions hoping that chocolates and red wine cut heart risk, researchers have claimed in a new study that there is no proof they do so.

According to heart specialists, the mechanisms by which they could make a difference have still to be explained.

Even though a recent study has shown that eating a square of dark chocolate a day cuts risk in 37 percent, the evidence that it protects the heart remains elusive.

Steffen Desch from the University of Leipzig Heart Center in Germany said that this was only a “sign”, however, and not proof because the study was flawed.

He said a more conclusive trial could be difficult because the real thing would have to be tested against a “dummy” substance that looked and tasted like chocolate.

“Despite the studies I couldn’t yet recommend dark chocolate as a prevention or treatment in cardiovascular disease,” the Daily Mail quoted Dr Desch as saying.

“There’s no strong evidence of a benefit and no clear explanation of an effective mechanism,” he said.

He also said that the calories contained in chocolate are likely to offset any protection to the heart.

The findings of the study were presented at the European Congress of Cardiology in Munich.

Via: Times of India

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