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'Passion' Trailer: Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace and The Smooch Heard Around The World

A new hot & steamy Passion trailer has arrived. The film follows a young businesswoman who sets out on a path of murderous revenge after her boss and mentor steals her idea.

Passion stars Rachel McAdams (Midnight in Paris) and Noomi Repace (Promethius). McAdams plays a seasoned business woman who likes things her way, while Repace plays her loyal disciple who ends up involved in a dark competitive love relationship with her.

The move is a remake of A French movie titled Love Crimes, made around two years ago. Black Swan/Scarface director, Brian De Palma, has brought the same dark and sullen femine vibe that he included in previous works like Black Dahlia, Femme Fatale, Dressed to Kill.

When you watch the trailer below, get ready for the kiss between McAdams and Rapace. You won’t see anything, it’s what you hear that’s interesting.

Passion will be premiering at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto. No U.S. release date has been announced yet.

Check out the Passion trailer below..

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