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Quincy Jones Dragged Into Legal War Between Steve Wynn, Joe Francis

Oh, the fascinating lives Hollywood moguls live.

When you have a slew of lawyers at your beck and call, you can have crazy legal skirmishes like the one being waged by Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn and “Girls Gone Wild” creator Joe Francis.

Things have gotten so bad that they have pulled super producer Quincy Jones into the fray, according to TMZ.

TMZ obtained the court documents showing that Francis claims Wynn threatened to kill him and have him buried in the desert. All because Francis owed money to the casino. Even better, Francis said Wynn even sent the threat by email, so that it would forever be documented, and that Quincy saw the email.

But Wynn claims that no such email exists—and he’s calling Jones to testify in court as to the existence of the email.

We’re no legal scholars, but we know enough about email to know that emails don’t ever go away unless you erase them. And we’re thinking if Joe Francis got an email from Steve Wynn threatening to kill him and bury him in the desert, he wouldn’t erase it.

We’re just saying.

The trial is set to begin next week with Quincy taking the stand as a witness for Wynn.


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