Marvel Studios Releases Avengers Gag Reel And Bonus Clips

The Avengers theater run has come to an end and for a film that dominated the content on film blogs for over a year, you would think it’s time to lay it down and move on to the next big blockbuster. Not for Marvel Studios. The company just released an official Avengers gag reel plus a bonus clip that will be on the Blu-ray/DVD, and now the blog frenzy begins all over again.

One clip focuses on Samuel L Jackson, which is part of a 90-minute documentary titled “Building a Cinematic Universe”. In this clip, courtesy of Empire, director Joss Whedon and some cast members highlight Jackson’s importance to the Marvel world.

The second clip proves that making movies can be fun. Also on the Blu-ray/DVD Marvel will include a gag reel. Some moments are a bit cheesey with just the actors working the bugs out, but some of it is actually pretty funny.

The Avengers Blu-ray/DVD hits store shelves on September 25th.

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