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'The Avengers 2' Assigned Release Date

A release date has been set for The Avengers 2. Disney Studios announced on Thursday that the second installment of the Marvel superhero ensemble will hit theaters on Friday, May 1 2015.

The news comes a week after the studio announced that Joss Whedon will be returning to write and direct the film and work on other Marvel projects over the next three years.

This is just enough time for Marvel to roll out the other movies included in “Phase Two” of their comic book film series. This means we will see the sequels Iron Man 3 on May 3, 2013; Thor: The Dark World on Nov. 8, 2013; and Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014.

This will be followed up the introduction of Guardians of the Galaxy on Aug. 1, 2014, which will feature the villain Thanos, seen in the post-credits scene of The Avengers.

According to some  rumors floating around, Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie may be released before The Avengers 2 debut and there’ is a possibility the character will appear in the The Avengers sequel also.  Even if those rumors don’t pan out,  it’s evident things are going to be very busy for Marvel over the next three years.

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