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'Daredevil' Better Go Into Production Soon Or Fox Will Lose The Rights

The rights to Marvel’s Daredevil could be heading back to its home.

The clock is ticking on the project that Fox says is actively in development. They even announced Joe Carnahan as the new director, but that might not be enough.

Fox is currently in control of the rights to Daredevil, which first hit the screen in 2003 starring Ben Affleck. Since then, the studio failed to do anything else with the franchise. Under the deal between Fox and Marvel, the sequel has to be put into production by early October or risk forfeiting the rights.

Fox, who already received two deadline extensions from Marvel, is apparently making efforts to bring the project to screen, but suffered some unfortunate set backs when the studio lost director David Slade.

Now, the word is out that the license will expire this week. Carnahan took to twitter to announce the bad news. “Think my idea for a certain retro, red-suited, Serpico-styled superhero went up in smoke today kids.” He then added, “We shall see. Time is NOT on anyone’s side.”

Marvel has been spreading the love to all the major studios by licensing their characters out. Fox acquired X-Men, Fantastic Four and Daredevil. New Line got Iron Man and The Hulk, which was first in the hands of Universal.

More details on the Daredevil progress coming soon…


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