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War With Iran Could Cause Financial Crisis in Israel

Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer

Even as Israel’s highest-ranking ministers continue to foreshadow an imminent military strike against Iran, dissension from within the country is mounting. Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer has said that the country’s financial system is preparing itself for “a major crisis and for [the] security situation” that the Tel Aviv would be faced with following a strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“The primary responsibility of each country is to maintain its security. It is possible to describe situations of widespread war which would be very difficult to deal with,” Fischer said during an interview with Channel 2 news of Isreal. “We are preparing for a major crisis and for security situation which is much worse.”

Iran’s Defense Minister, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, spoke on the possible threat of an attack against the country’s capital of Tehran, claiming that a strike would lead to the destruction of Israel’s current regime. “The Zionist regime knows that attacking Iran is an unattainable wish, unless the regime seeks to commit suicide,” Vahidi said in a public statement.

Both the United States and Israel have threatened Iran with the possibility of military action should the country continue its uranium enrichment program. A committee of the U.N. Security Council has been unsuccessful so far in bringing an end to the conflict and Iran’s nuclear development using diplomatic methods. Though both the U.S. and Israel contend that Iran’s program is meant to develop nuclear weapons, the country maintains that it is solely for civilian purposes, and that the state is valid in its pursuit of nuclear technology.

Reports from within Israel have said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli authorities may be ready to launch a military campaign against Iran as soon as this Fall. Iran’s response could possibly bring about a full-scale war that would envelope the Middle East.

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  1. Who gives a damn? I mean they have enough billionaires to keep the country afloat for a long, long time. Let' Sheldon Adelson, who is giving Mittens Romney a $100 mil to try and get that "Black" guy out of the currently glossed Not So White House. I'm sure he can spare a few sheckles.

  2. Interesting bigoted comment, Nabil. Most Jews voted for the "Black guy" in '08, and will be doing so again in November. Please keep your prejudices to yourself.

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