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Top 20 Rappers Turned Bad Actors

There is no doubt that today’s movie industry is highly driven by profit. With studios under pressure to maximize revenue, they often seek out sure bets when it comes to casting choices.  Therefore, in recent years the industry has turned to filling acting roles with rappers, who may not deliver an Oscar winning performance, but provide a solid base of ticket sales boosting fans instead.

A good actor has the ability to evoke potent emotions from an audience.  Many train for several years to learn how to successfully execute the craft.  Sometimes a rapper develops the ability and the transition into acting works out very well, like in the case of Will Smith, Tupac and Common.  But more often it’s a complete failure. Although we don’t want to come off as “haters,” — we have to be honest — rappers usually make wack actors.

We’ve decided to point them out, so here is our list of the worst rappers to ever grace the silver screen. If you agree or disagree, or if we forgot anybody that deserves being mentioned,  let us know in the comment section below.

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