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Jamaica Erupts in Celebration Over Usain Bolt’s Victory

The streets of Kingston, Jamaica were lined with people draped in the national colors of green, black and gold as their Olympic hero Usain Bolt crossed the finish line to once again claim the title of the world’s fastest man.

The victory came on the eve of Jamaica’s Independence Day, which led to the nation’s festive air as dozens of street dances were already being held in towns across the island.

The world’s fastest man did some celebrating of his own last night, posting a photo on twitter around 3 a.m. with three members of the Swedish handball team and the caption ‘A gaza we say hmmm mmm.’

A Swedish newspaper reported that Jamina Roberts, Ulrika Agren and Isabella Gullden spent an hour-and-a-half in the superstar’s Olympic Village bedroom. The three Swedes stopped Bolt’s coach and asked for his accreditation so they could go and congratulate the sprinter.

The late night rendezvous with Bolt could be seen as the highlight of their Olympic trip as the Swedish team lost all five of their matches, finishing at the bottom of their group in handball.

celebration in Bolt’s room

While Bolt was celebrating in the Olympic Village, Jamaicans all over the world were celebrating his historic accomplishment. The island itself was already in a state of celebration, but Bolt’s victory gave them even more of a reason to celebrate.

Thousands took to the streets grabbing everything from pots and pans to beer crates and using them as improvised instruments. Fans across the world could be seen mimicking his now infamous “lighting bolt” celebration pose.

When asked if the victory was sweeter because of its timing Bolt keep the focus on him, saying, “The reason it’s sweeter is because a lot of guys doubted me so I had to show the world I am the greatest.”

On August 6, 1962 Jamaica gained its independence from Great Britain after rejecting a referendum on whether to join the Federation of the West Indies in 1961.

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