Toni Braxton Sued for $57,000 by Promotion Company

Toni Braxton has found her name on a lawsuit from a company seeking $57,000 for advertising it claims it did for the “Braxton Family Values” reality show.

The company called National Promotions & Advertising claims they were hired last year by the producers of Braxton Family Values to put up posters around the country promoting the second season of the show. The agreement was for them to put up 4,399 “BFV” posters for $57,322.29.

The company says it completed its part of the deal in November, just before the show’s second season premiered on WEtv. But the lawsuit says the company was never paid—and has been hounding the producers for its money ever since.

But a Braxton rep told TMZ that she is not involved in marketing budgets or payables for the series. Such matters, the rep said, are handled by WEtv.

We’re guessing National Promotions & Advertising probably knows this—and probably came about as close to negotiating with Toni over the posters as we did in deciding whether to write this story. But the company also knows putting Toni Braxton’s name on a lawsuit is going to get more attention and bring more embarrassment to the Braxton family, meaning a check likely will be forthcoming much sooner.


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