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The Jacksons Call Off Annual Family Reunion Amid Turmoil

Things have fallen so far with the Jacksons that they have postponed their annual family reunion, has reported. The annual “Family Day,” which for decades brought together up to 100 members of the extended family to cook, eat, play cards and enjoy each other’s company, was supposed to be taking place yesterday. But with all the family drama still bubbling—Janet, Jermaine and Randy reportedly banned from visiting their mother’s house in Calabasas; Katherine and T.J., Tito’s son, still waiting for the court’s approval on a custody-sharing arrangement—the family decided at the last minute to postpone, according to sources. No new date has been set.

“The Jacksons really pushed hard for Family Day to happen and Katherine was really holding out for it because she wanted things to die down,” an insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts. “But it got too complicated with certain members being banned from the Calabasas house, although they still wanted to go anyway and thumb it to the estate, but in the end they had to postpone. No new date has been set.”

Fox reported that there was even talk of the Family Day being held at Michael’s Neverland Ranch, but it never materialized. The source said Michael and his children have attended Family Day in the past.

“They have gone on occasion before with Michael, and usually stayed close by his side,” continued our source. “But Michael only ever went when he was at a low point.”

The source said the Jacksons are stunned by the level of vitriol that has been directed at them during this conflict, which has left the siblings looking desperate and money-hungry, eager to get at Michael’s money by fighting his will and estate.

“The plan they hatched last week clearly backfired and fans have turned against the family. The fan backlash has been devastating, and that bothers them more than any media report or bad publicity,” explained our source.

“They are keenly aware of public perception and now want to put on their best front,” said the insider, adding that Janet has now returned to Atlanta, Tito has gone off to Tokyo to perform with his blues band and that Jermaine “has crawled under a rock for now.”


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