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Israel May Be Preparing for Military Strike on Iran


Israel appears to be approaching the brink of a direct military strike on Iran, forcing the Obama administration to step in and mediate the growing tensions between the two countries.

A number of public statements and private communications by Israeli leaders have raised a red flag, suggesting that the country might be prepared to attack Iran come fall. U.S. officials have made an immediate effort to reach out to Israel, including a visit from Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta on Wednesday. Panetta is in the midst of a five-day tour of the region, which also will bring him to Syria.

Officials from the Obama administration say they remain hopeful that Israel has no plans for an imminent attack, and that Israel would allow the United States to determine the course of action if military force is needed. As of now, U.S. officials have said that a strike against Iran would not come until next year at the earliest.

Panetta met with Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak for the latest in a series of negotiations between the two countries. Panetta declared that the United States would back Israel if Iran developed a nuclear weapon.

“We have options that we are prepared to implement to ensure that that does not happen,” Panetta said, alongside Barak. “My responsibility is to provide the president with a full range of options, including military options, should diplomacy fail.”

Other recent visitors to Israel have included Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, National Security Adviser Thomas E. Donilon, and even Mitt Romney. The former two met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has remained stern in his condemnation of Iran’s nuclear program.

“Right now the Iranian regime believes that the international community does not have the will to stop its nuclear program,” Netanyahu said on Wednesday. “This must change and it must change quickly because time to resolve this issue peacefully is running out.”

While American officials are not as aggressive in their criticism of Iran, they have maintained that if absolutely necessary, military force will be used to disarm the country. Netanyahu has argued that the continued implementation of sanctions has been ineffective so far, but the Obama administration seems poised to stay the course. “We have to exhaust every option, every effort, before we resort to military action,” Panetta said.


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17 thoughts on “Israel May Be Preparing for Military Strike on Iran

  1. Israel may be preparing for an attack on Iran! Ya think? When will all this silly chatter end?

  2. Joe Kelsall says:

    If this headline is displayed for long enough it may come true? Israel does not have the courage to take on Iran and its allies without the USA's backing. Autumn would be a bad time for Obama to take this gamble. Besides, it's Israel that is making the allegations without ANY USA confirmation; exactly the opposite in fact. Of course, Romney could persuade us of his hawklike sincerity by mmaking his sons join the USA Army. Black people form the major part of American war casualties.

  3. Joe Kelsall says:

    TRy reading Neatanyahu's comments in Ha'aretz or Jerusalem Post.

  4. Wagner Rita says:

    Israel has the courage God is on their side. Read the bible Israel wins!!

  5. Joe Kelsall says:

    Wagner? Not very popular in Israel!

  6. Joe Kelsall says:

    Bibi. Nobody is listening any more.

  7. If Israel is really thinking of attacking Iran then I would say that Israel are starting a war that would cause alot of destruction in the world. As far as my thinking goes Iran would never use a nuclear bomb on Israel. It is a known fact that Iran helps Palestinions. Now is Iran's nuclear bomb going to be so smart that when dropped on Israel it is going to nuke the Jews only and leave the Palestenions alone.

  8. I think Iran is safe from an attack. to much talk and no action.

  9. Is that the best you can do is "The bible says so"….I thought G_D protected everyone the same as in "his people".

  10. Joe Kelsall says:

    Netanyahu is really brassed off with Obama for not joining in this mad caper. I am afraid Romney would. We have just seen his knee jerk reaction the Libya murders. Thank God Romney does not have a cat in Hell's chance of being the next POTUS!

  11. Jim McKenzie says:

    Iran doesn't care about the extraneous people (even their own) that happen to be around their enemy that they have decreed time after time must be wiped from the face of the earth. If you think they would not use a weapon of mass destruction if they had it, you are as full blown crazy as they are.

  12. Jim McKenzie says:

    Well now Joe, I must admit I am becoming more and more concerned that you may be right about Romney not having a cat in Hells' chance of being the next POTUS because the poor gullible people like you that want the USA to be taken over by a total socialistic (and then communist) government, that have your hand out for whatever handouts' you can get from the Fed. may have become the majority now, with all the immigration both legal and illegal from across our borders. You must not have kids in this country or you would be a little more concerned about about their future. Another four years of Obama and they will have none.

  13. Joe Kelsall says:

    Well, Howdy Doo, Jim Crow! I was wondering when a redneck would crawl out of the woods. Allow me to elucidate. I have worked ALL of my life and paid into the UK Hational Health Scheme. I very rarely use it, but it's great and there for people less fortunate than me. It's NOT socialism; it's Christianity in practice! I have just heard Romney commit' political suicide' on TV in his speech on the 47% of people receiving hand outs.Get it straight! The wealth of America does NOT belong to the 1 percenters. What happened to 'E Pluribus Unum?' The USA was created on the free labour of black abductees. Is that sacrifice to be ignored by the parasites that bought and sold native Africans? The USA is a nation of immigrants, of whom, you must be one. The wealth of a nation is in its children. At least in Cuba, which I visit on vacation, the children are well fed,educated(free),housed and cared for by a free health service. I think there are many Americans who would swap places. But, no; old Americans go to Costa Rica and bleed their health system whilst bragging about the USA. 'Tog go bog e' ( Irish for 'take it easy')

  14. Joe Kelsall says:

    I am urging Israel to attack Iran. But, without the UK and USA. Israel will fight to the last Christian. Now, it might be better if an ignorant old fool, like yourself desisted from wasting our time reading your tripe. Tog go bog e!

  15. Pam Panter says:

    Syria is ready to gas Israel and their own people, Netanyahu is preparing for the war that is coming very soon. Who ever starts it we are on the brink of Isaiah 17, Psalms 83, Ezekiel 38. Now is the eve of destruction. I urge you all to pray. If you don't know Jesus this is your last chance to be saved from the terrible war and worldwide poverty and hell on earth that is coming. Hatred is the answer to nothing, Jesus is the answer to everything. May you all be safe and blessed.

  16. Joe Kelsall says:

    I'll drink to That!

  17. Loose lips sink ships. could this be a cheap way to get some one to share strategic knowledge?

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