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Man Beats Up Girlfriend After Mistaking Mitt Romney for Her Lover

Talk about an all-around loser: A guy in Tennessee saw Mitt Romney’s picture on his girlfriend’s Facebook page, mistook Romney for a lover and then went loony, smashing the computer into the wall and punching his girlfriend in the face.

The man, Lowell Turpin (pictured below), is now sitting in a Tennessee jail, charged with domestic assault.

Where do we start? Not only is he a violent lunatic and horrible boyfriend, but the guy didn’t even know who Mitt Romney was? Sometimes it’s hard to fathom how far under a rock some people in this country live.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, the girlfriend told a deputy that Turpin “has been violent toward her multiple times over several years.”

Sounds like he had been working his way toward that jail cell for several years now.



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