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Penn State QB Rob Bolden Likely To Transfer To LSU

A history-making Penn State quarterback visited LSU over the weekend and is considering transferring to the powerhouse of the SEC.

Rob Bolden was the first true freshman to start at quarterback at Penn State in 100 years two years ago. He has since sought to leave Penn State. Bolden attempted to transfer after the 2011 season, but former coach Joe Paterno refused to release him from his scholarship.

However, a Penn State spokesman told the The Patriot-News of Harrisburg, Pa., on Sunday night that Bolden is no longer with the team, making it almost a forgone conclusion that he will become a Tiger.

Bolden would be able to join LSU’s team immediately after sanctions placed on Penn State’s program by the NCAA in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal.

A source with direct knowledge of the situation said Penn State coach Bill O’Brien granted Bolden a release from his scholarship prior to the sanctions being handed down last week. The source did not say how long ago the release was granted.

Bolden, a 6-foot-3, 214-pound native of Orchard Lake, Mich., has completed 165 of 328 passes for 2,045 yards with seven touchdowns and 14 interceptions in his two years at Happy Valley. He can make all the throws, but struggled when tams knew he was forced to pass because of a lack of a consistent running game.

f he does go to LSU, he would add needed depth to the Tigers. LSU has just one quarterback — starter Zacg Metenberger  — who is not a freshman. The two backups are both redshirt freshmen.

Also, true freshman Jeremy Liggins is on the fall roster, but he was struggling to meet NCAA initial eligibility requirements and signed with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College during the summer. It’s unclear whether he will meet his minimal requirements to join the Tigers, making Bolden’s presence that much more important.

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10 thoughts on “Penn State QB Rob Bolden Likely To Transfer To LSU

  1. Harold Brown says:

    Okay my hardcore sports fans, what do you think of this? Not the transfer itself, I'm fine with that but this belief that schools accepting these transfer are doing so in bad taste. If we're happy about these kids being able to transfer and make the best of their collegiate careers why not be happy for the programs bolstering their rosters?

  2. He's not gonna play, LSU roster is too deep…

  3. Harold Brown says:

    Not exactly true at the QB position. Liggins is didn't make grades from what I hear and he'll be the only upperclassman backup with two RS freshmen.

  4. Keith Cooper says:

    I'm happy for players. Ncaa got this one right. Ialways hate how the ncaa a noose onnthe players but coaches can leaven at will. Think sleep on less might slip him in much to the dismay the so great fans around here

  5. He won't play this year and from what I hear, he wants to start.

  6. Harold Brown says:

    Not true Smurf. I'm sure he'll challenge and that's great but he understands that Mettenberger is the clear cut starter (for now for no other reason than familiarity of system) and he'll eventually be the #2, If Mettenberger sucks (which is possible being that no one has any frame of reference on how how fits into LSU's system) or he goes down Bolden is in. Liggins didn't make grades and NObody is crazy about Rivers.

  7. Amy Worley says:

    good riddance from psu. horrible qb and worse attitude…

  8. Harold Brown says:

    Honestly though, I think the competition will improve the overall play at the quarterback position regardless. Especially if Mettenberger stays, he will not want to be dogged by a qb controversy over the offseason.

  9. LOL, The way that Mettenberger has been hyped and by the way I seen him look in the Spring game, its gonna be higly unlikely that Bolden is gonna be a starter not even knowing LSU's system.

  10. Harold Brown says:

    True, and race is definitely the elephant in the room. But even some of the most backwards asshat LSU fans will admit that they would rather win black than lose white. Rohan Davey is a good example of that. They may hate it but it's true.

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