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'Louie' Renewed For A Fourth Season By FX

FX has announced at the Summer TCA Press Tour that its beloved series Louie was recently renewed for a 13-episode fourth season.

Louie is an American comedy tV show on FX that first aired back in in 2010. It’s all in one written, directed, edited and produced by the show’s creator, Louis C.K., who also stars as a fictional character of himself. He plays as a comedian and newly divorced parent raising his two daughters in New York City.

What could have prompted the renewal is the fact that the show hit a season high with last week’s episode featuring Parker Posey, as a girl who took Louie on a romantic but crazy date.

FX’s president and general manager John Landgraf said, “There are not enough superlatives in the English language to bestow on Louie or the work Louis C.K. is doing. With this series, he has changed the form and is doing truly groundbreaking, landmark work that is inspiring a whole new generation of artists. Simply put, he is making one of the best shows anywhere on television.”

The current season is slated to end with a one-hour episode airing on Thursday, September 27. More details on the start date of the new season coming soon…

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