Tanzania Committed to Increasing Agricultural Production to Battle Povery

Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete has reiterated the government’s commitment to increase agricultural production which is the most effective activities to rid the nation out of poverty. President Kikwete said this during the launch of the Third Convocation of China -Africa Development Partnership against poverty in Dar es Salaam that engagement in agriculture would eradicate poverty in Africa especially South of Sahara.

“Many African governments have not been able to realize agricultural revolution by 100 per cent complicating efforts to eradicate poverty due to financial constraints,” Kikwete said.

Nearly half of the population in Africa, according to him, still lives below the poverty line and pregnant women and children continue to suffer from malnutrition. “Tanzania is determined to fight poverty and has given priority to agriculture to help improve people’s lives.

Implementation of the plan includes mechanization of agriculture through application of modernized technology, improved water services and availability of reliable markets,” President Kikwete said.

However, the president made it clear that the success of the government plan to improve agricultural production would depend on availability of funds and technical support, the basic issues that development partners can give serious consideration.

For the last 20 years, the agricultural sector has received financial support amounting to 18bn/- but the amount was reduced to 3bn/- in the past three years and later increased to 6bn/- which is not enough either.

“No doubt China has succeeded in agriculture and established a strong economic base and can now become a tutor to other nations intending to adopt modern agricultural technology to realize objectives. This can be done and I am convinced that Tanzania can achieve its objectives,” he said.

Source: All Africa

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