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Russia Seeks to set up Naval Airbase in Cuba

Russia’s Defence Ministry has denied reports Moscow its planning to set up its first new overseas navy bases since the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union. The Russian navy’s commander-in- chief, Vice-Admiral Viktor Chirkov, today confirmed reports that Russia is setting up a naval base in Cuba.

“Yes, we are working on establishing navy bases outside Russia,” he told RIA Novosti.
Adding: “We aim to set up resupply bases in Cuba, the Seychelles and Vietnam.”

Cuba is strategically located Island, just 90 miles south of the Florida Keys. Perfect for resupplying Russian submarines patrolling the east coast of the United States.

When asked Pentagon spokesman George Little made the remark that Russia has “a right to enter into military agreements and relationships” with other nations, just as the U.S. does.
Apparently, he didn’t appreciate the significance of what a Russian military base on Cuba means.

In 2008 controversy erupted when Russia stationed a supersonic Tu-160 (“Blackjack”) nuclear bomber known as “White Swan” on the Island.
At the time the incident cause near panic at the Pentagon, who only learned of it, after the fact, through newspaper reports.

The Tu-160 was specifically designed not only for supersonic flight but reduced radar and infrared detectability.

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