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Daniel Craig & The Queen Parachute Into The Olympic Games

Daniel Craig’s James Bond executes another successful mission delivering The Queen to the Opening Ceremony

The 2012 Olympics kicked off on Friday with the Opening Ceremony in London England.  The host country spared nothing to create the dazzling spectacle. Depicting the era of the industrial revolution, even James Bond made an appearance to represent his country in the world games. A pre-recorded skit, directed by award-winning director Danny Boyle, featured Craig Daniel as his character James Bond on a mission to deliver the queen to the Opening Ceremony.

The queen herself starred in the skit that she gave unprecedented access to Boyle and his cameras to shoot. Boyle was able to film in never seen before private rooms in Buckingham Palace, a testament to the nation’s commitment to making these games a special one.

An army helicopter flew over the Olympic Stadium, where Bond and the queen jumped out and parachuted into the stadium to the theme of the James Bond movies. The crowd cheered as the pair descended into the stadium to begin the Opening Ceremonies.

The sketch was a clever way to promote Daniel’s latest Bond film Skyfall, which hits theaters November 9, 2012.

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