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Haiti Peasant Farmers Killed in Land Eviction Operation

MARIGOT, Haiti ( – Residents of the seaside commune of Marigot, 10 miles east of Jacmel, have filed complaints to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) to investigate the deaths of a suspected dozen Haitians during a land eviction operation on Monday July 23rd.  A post by the Reference Institute of Journalism and Communication said that the UN delegation met for several hours in discussions with local police, the deputy commissioner, community leaders and families and neighbors of the victims.

According to the RIJC, on Monday July 23rd, noon, the municipal government of Marigot, its security forces and an ambulance team from the Haitian Red Cross held a land eviction operation at an area called “the Park” that has been inhabited by families for 70 years, since 1942.

Gun fire and stones were exchanged between the residents and police which led to the death of at least 8 civilians and 5 police officers. Four bodies were discovered, thos of Desir Enoz, 32, Nicolas David, 28, Robinson Volcin, 22, and Desir Aleis, 18. Four children are reported missing while three houses were burn and four others ransacked. Three oxen were slaughtered.

The central government through the Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Public Security gave the authority for the evictions. Officials say the 140 families that lived in Seguin, Marigot were given 50,000 HTG ($1,200.00 [US]) with $600 before they move and another $600 afterwards. The families say they never given a place to relocate to or homes they could now afford.

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