Comedy Central Orders Pilot For Chris Rock Produced Sketched Comedy Webseries

Comedian Chris Rock has been doing his part by giving back to the youth and it seems to have paid off.

Chris Rock has been executive producing a youtube based sketch comedy show entitled D-Raw. The series features young comedian Deshawn Raw and his boys from Rancho Cucamonga performing their version of a rap battle.

The sketched comedy show, acquiring 13.5 million views on youtube, managed to get the attention of Comedy Central executives. In a report from Deadline, the cable network has ordered a pilot for the series.

DeShawn became famous with his rap battle videos but the show is comprised of sketches that he and his diverse group of friends create from personal experiences and their ideas of pop culture.

Below are two videos that the young comedian, who describes himself as “just a new comedian trying to make it out the hood with the team, so we don’t end up a statistics,” created that made him a sensation. The second video features Chris Rock as he goes head to head with Deshawn in a rap battle.

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