Despite Tragic Start in Colorado, ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Still Has Good Weekend

Dark Knight Rises – It may seem callous to post about North American and worldwide box office this weekend after the Colorado movie theater tragedy. And of course our hearts go out to those killed and wounded. (I stayed up all Friday post-midnight/pre-dawn reporting on the shooting as the horrendous event unfolded.)  But this is an entertainment business website that tracks movie grosses. And so many filmmakers inside and outside Hollywood worked exhaustively on The Dark Knight Rises — just as they do on every pic released each year — that the final product should be examined for its success vis a vis ticket sales.

Warner Bros Pictures has decided not to release its box office results this weekend until Monday. Also some other studios. Rentrak won’t report worldwide estimates. That said, there can be no doubt that Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures last installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy is huge in terms of domestic grosses. In fact the entire movie-going weekend should be up around +37% over last year, demonstrating the resilience of the public and their love for watching films in the shared experience of a movie theater.

Hopefully, with more security provided, the emotional distress and financial setback caused by one psychotic gunman won’t be permanent for theater chains. But the entire movie industry’s shock and grieving over the Aurora tragedy is real and intense. Although the national and international debate over the sociological effect of film violence will be ongoing — and necessary. Now, back to business.

I was told last night there were a lot of admissions still to count. But this morning The Dark Knight Rises looks to be in the $77.2 million range Friday – give or take one million – from 4,404 domestic theaters. That’s the 3rd all-time opening day and the best 2D single day.

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