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Lowes Home Automation System Puts You on Set of ‘The Jetsons’

Welcome to the future, courtesy of Lowes Home Automation System.

The home supply store unveiled a new all-in-one home security and automation system yesterday that will be capable of controlling the devices within your home from your smart phone. This is the kind of system that science fiction geeks envisioned when they thought about the homes of the future. For consumers who grew up watching the cartoon The Jetsons, the Lowes system will make you feel like you’re on the set with George, Jane, Judy and Elroy Jetson. Oh, and the dog, Astro.

The system can command everything from your door locks and light bulbs to pet doors and thermostats, according to It is built off the cloud-based system that was implemented by the UK-based Alert Me home monitoring service.

Lowes’ new system, named Iris, comes in three different packages:

The Safe & Secure package comes equipped with a programmable door lock, a pair of motion and contact sensors, and a remote keypad.

The Comfort & Control system monitors the energy usage and state of the home’s thermostat as well as individual appliances through the use of power line internet-connected “smart plugs.”

The third system, the Smart Kit, combines both the S&S and C&C systems. The first two kits are sold for $180 each while the Smart Kit will cost $300.

If the relatively low price tag doesn’t grab your attention, then maybe the features might.

The kits include features such as remote thermostats, security cameras and motion sensors, and programmable lights and switches. Each sensor is equipped with temperature sensors in order to give a more accurate source for domestic fires.

The system’s ongoing monitoring service has a free basic level and a premium service that costs $10 a month. The basic services only allow you to toggle between on and off states while the premium package allows you to dictate the behavior of the appliances being controlled by the app.

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