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George Zimmerman Breaks From Lawyers, Posts Own Video

George Zimmerman – Desperate for money and unsatisfied with his legal defense, George Zimmerman has tried to take matters into his own hands, launching his own website, posting bilingual videos of himself and trying to call Barbara Walters while she was on the air during ‘The View.’

His primary motivation appears to be trying to raise more money after the cash in his defense fund has been depleted. But it appears that George  Zimmerman was no longer listening to his legal team or satisfied with the job they’re doing.

In launching his own website,, Zimmerman said his lawyer’s web page had failed on three fronts: disputing information, fund-raising and providing a voice for him.

“We relaunched this website to thank you, my supporters,” Zimmerman said in the video. “This is our website, it’s not my website, where you can personally communicate with me. I hope to be your website to provide facts. I’ll be updating frequently, so check back often.”

Zimmerman than repeated the same spiel in Spanish.

Apparently the website went up just hours after he backed out of an interview with television personality Barbara Walters, because the network refused to pay for a month of hotel and security for Zimmerman’s wife. Then he called Walters to apologize – during her live TV show “The View.”

“He is desperate for money,” Walters said on the air. “He is very worried about his family and his wife and parents and has gotten death threats. It’s hardly a good situation for anyone.”

Some observers questioned how his lawyers have let him go rogue in such a dangerous fashion, endangering the quality of the defense they can provide.

“The client always calls the shots,” his lawyer, Mark O’Mara said Thursday. “If you’re on the streets or about to be hungry and worried for the wife you love, maybe you have to make decisions along the way.’’

Walters flew to Florida on Wednesday for a sit-down interview with George Zimmerman. She said Zimmerman showed up in a T-shirt and made the last-minute demand.

She and her crew packed up and went back to New York, only to get a call from him and O’Mara the next morning during her live show. But Walters declined to take the call.

“He just wanted to thank her for being gracious and to apologize,” O’Mara said. “We weren’t expecting to do an interview live on her show.”

O’Mara said Zimmerman is extremely worried about finances. He fears he will get arrested for misleading the court about his finances, and is upset about the perjury charge his wife was slapped with.

George Zimmerman Video

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