Critics Weigh In on ‘Dark Knight Rises,’ The Most Anticipated Movie of the Year

At long last, Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie has finally hit theaters. Set eight years after the gritty events that play out in the end of “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises” is said to be the final chapter in Nolan’s telling of Batman’s saga, and if all the Internet buzzing is to be believed, it is the most anticipated movie of the year.

The only fan-related element surrounding the film that was not anticipated, however, were the headlines generated earlier this week when Batman fans took several film critics to task for posting less-than-stellar reviews of the film on Rotten Tomatoes.

Slightly lukewarm reviews or no, the critical masses agree that Nolan has another record-breaking hit on his hands and that “The Dark Knight Rises” is a fitting end to the game-changing franchise. Minor spoilers ahead as we fly through the “Dark Knight Rises” reviews:

The Story
“After seven years and two films that have pushed Batman ever deeper into the dark, the director Christopher Nolan has completed his postmodern, post-Sept. 11 epic of ambivalent good versus multidimensional evil with a burst of light. As the title promises, day breaks in ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ the grave and satisfying finish to Mr. Nolan’s operatic bat-trilogy. His timing couldn’t be better. As the country enters its latest electoral brawl off screen, Batman (Christian Bale) hurtles into a parallel battle that booms with puppet-master anarchy, anti-government rhetoric and soundtrack drums of doom. … Times change; superheroes and villains too. The enemy is now elusive and the home front as divided as the face of Harvey Dent, a vanquished Batman foe. The politics of partisanship rule and grass-roots movements have sprung up on the right and the left to occupy streets and legislative seats. It can look ugly…” — Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

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